Taylor Mill is a great place to live, and I am proud to call it home. It is an honor to serve as your mayor. I truly enjoy public service and working with members of the community for the betterment of our city.

As mayor, I have worked to maintain a strong foundation for our government and move our city forward with a focus on the following priorities:

· Remaining debt free with a balanced budget
· Protecting the health and safety of our residents
· Advocating for our city's interests
· Supporting our city’s staff
· Providing a voice for our city on the county and state level
· Planning for our future

As a result, we have accomplished many goals that are vital to our city’s success and continued progress.

The city is debt free with a balanced budget 14 consecutive years. We deliver quality police, fire, and public works services to residents, and are rated one of the safest small towns in the Commonwealth.

The city has established a forward-thinking vision for long-term economic growth that protects our small-town feel and connects our community.

The construction of Pride Parkway enabled us to invest in infrastructure enhancements to increase safety and business opportunities along our city's business corridor.

Phase 2 of our sidewalk project is under construction and we received an $846,424.00 grant in 2018 from OKI for phase 3. This success brings us closer to achieving our goal of becoming a more walkable community. 

Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns at dbell@taylormillky.gov or 859.653.9536.



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Mayor Dan Bell teaching city government at Kenton Elementary.

Mayor Bell is a dedicated public servant. Take a moment to meet one of the hardest working mayors in NKY!

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Mayor Dan Bell with GoldStars Tribute Wall founder Samuel Nicoara.

Mayor Bell brings experience, leadership & a proven record advocating for our city.

Mayor Dan Bell recognized as one of the top elected officials in the state Kentucky League of Cities

Facing our challenges head-on & working together to continue on the path of progress. 

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