Delivering Results

Protecting Residents: Quality City Services


The health & safety of our residents is our top budget priority.  Since 2010, The Taylor Mill Police Dept. is CALEA accredited & the Taylor Mill Fire Dept. Life Squad provides Advanced Life Support. Currently, Taylor Mill is ranked one of the safest small cities in the Commonwealth.

Protecting Schools: School Resource Officers


The Taylor Mill Police Dept. has a dedicated SRO assigned to Scott  High School and Woodland Middle School. The city splits the cost with KCSD.

Debt Free & Balanced Budget


Taylor Mill was one of the first cities in the area to be debt-free and is one of the few that still is.  Our budget is carefully focused on funding quality services. We pay cash for all city operations & street repairs. Our city has been debt free with a balanced budget 14 consecutive years.

Safe Route To Schools: City Sidewalk Project


Children in Taylor Mill are walking to school thanks to smart city-planning with the construction of Pride Parkway and the pursuit of grant funding.

Phase 1 completed in 2016, Phase 2 construction is in the bidding process & I have just secured an $846k grant to help us complete Phase 3.

Winston Park Road Improvements


We budgeted $502,472.00 for much-needed road repairs in Winston Park to be completed in conjunction with the SD1/NKWD Project.

Moving Economic Development Forward


 In 2018, I was able to negotiate the release of most of the encumbered property along Pride Parkway. 

There is still work to do, but with land back in property owner's hands, the pursuit of development can resume in The Districts. 

Pride Pkwy. Infrastructure Enhancements


In order to improve safety and business opportunities along Pride Parkway the city invested in underground utilities, turning lanes, decorative street lighting, mast-arm traffic poles and stop lights.

Construction of Pride Parkway


Construction on Pride Parkway began in 2012. In Nov. 2015, we celebrated its completion. Working alongside Senator Damon Thayer, we were able to secure additional funding to complete the entire project ahead of schedule.

Additional Traffic Lights on Pride Parkway


In an effort to improve safety along Pride Parkway, in 2015 we successfully lobbied the KY. Dept. of Transportation to conduct traffic studies for additional traffic lights at Wayman Branch & Honey Drive. 

Economic Development With Impact


In 2014, our city achieved a major milestone when the first building in the Districts of Taylor Mill opened. 

The Trifecta, home to LaRosa’s, Skyline, Graeter’s, One Holland Group Corporate Headquarters and more.

Community Development


During my time as commissioner & mayor, it has been a priority for us to implement activities for our residents to create a stronger sense of community. 

Taylored With Time, Tasty Tuesday, Friday Night Flick, Easter Egg Hunt, Vietnam Traveling Memorial, GoldStars Tribute Wall & much more.

Pride Park Master Plan


Many improvements have been made to Pride Park over the last 10 years.  In 2011, we published a new Pride Park Master Plan which incorporates the community vision for the park’s future. In 2015, Pride Park was named "Best Park in NKY."

Vision Taylor Mill


In 2006, the state announced the widening of KY 16. Construction on the new road didn't begin until 2012, but given an opportunity to create something special for our city we poured our efforts into planning to map out a forward-thinking direction for our city. 

Read More about the land use study & Direction 2030.

Strategic Plan


Implemented in 2010, the community-wide strategic plan works to achieve the city's top priorities for the economic & community development. 

Designed with the planning of Pride Parkway and Districts of Taylor Mill, it guides our efforts as we plan for the future. For the first time in our city's history we have a long-term economic development plan. 

The Districts Of Taylor Mill


The vision for the Districts is to attract high-quality development  that will generate revenue that will have a real impact on our bottom line. 

Quality economic growth will have a positive financial impact on our city & improve quality of life. Higher business revenues enable the city to make critical road repairs and keep taxes in check.